Nothing quite beats the feeling of snuggling up to a loving, cosy canine at the end of a long day. They make excellent foot warmers in winter and can enjoy a tickle in the same spot for hours at a time. Here are some facts that you may not know about cuddle-time:

  1. Cuddling deeply strengthens your bond with your dog

As fellow mammals, dogs have very similar reactions to cuddling and find it an equally great way to bond and show you how much they love you. During a cuddle, both brains release Oxytocin, a chemical that stimulates the feelings of happiness and love, deepening the connection between you.

  1. Cuddling has plenty of health benefits

Scientists have found that cuddle a day can have multiple psychological benefits for both you and your pooch. It reduces levels of Cortisol, the hormone that is responsible for stress, anxiety and depression. With lower levels of this in your system, you are more likely to feel happier, freer and relaxed. This is one of the reasons why scientists argue that dog owners live happier lives than non-pet owners. To find out more about the health benefits of owning a pet, click here.

  1. Not all dogs feel the need to cuddle to express their love

Keep in mind that just like humans, all dogs are different. A love of cuddling comes from a mix of both nature and nurture. This means that a traditionally independent dog breed might grow to be a cuddling machine, while a dog from a cuddly breed may prefer to stick to him or her own self. This all depends on how they are raised and feel about human interaction.

There are plenty of other ways that dogs can show their love for you, including:

  • Following you around the house
  • Wagging their tail when they see you
  • Jumping up on you
  • Sleeping next to you
  • Wanting to play
  1. Some dog breeds have been known to be cuddlier than others

Because nurture is equally as much of a factor as nature in deciding whether a dog will be a cuddler or not, it’s hard to pinpoint whether a dog will or wont be. However, there are a few dog breeds that have been known to possess the propensity to love a cuddle. Here are a few of these:


Known as super-fast race dogs, only people who own a Greyhound know about the love they have to give.

Basset Hounds

Their droopy faces show expression well, giving away just how in their element they are when being cuddled and pampered.

Great Danes

With their laid back, relaxed temperament and incredible stature, cuddling with a Great Dane means there’s plenty more to love.


Miniature love bugs whose emotions are easy to read, pugs can purr like a cat while they’re being petted.


Dogs that you can really wrap your arms around for a full-on cuddle, Labradors are a favourite cuddle companions among children.


Despite what the name suggests, Bulldogs can be warm and passive, making for excellent cuddle buddies.


As little balls of soft fluff, how could they not be great curled up on your lap?

  1. Cuddliness has a correlation with interdependence

Keep in mind, dogs who need a lot of affection tend to be more needy and less independent than those who don’t. As a result, it’s important to pick a breed that is compatible with the kind of person you are when shopping around for a pooch. Some breeds are better suited to different people and their lifestyles, living space and personality.

If you’re a human cuddler, odds are that you’d probably appreciate a canine that’s a cuddler too. If you’re not a particularly affectionate person, it could be hard for your pet to feel as connected to you as he or she would like to feel. For a guide on which breed is right for you, click here.