We know our feline friends are capable of expressing their deep love for us, even if they show it in strange and mysterious ways. Here are some ways you may not know are signs of love:

  1. They show their tummy

If your cat lies on her back, with her tummy up while you’re nearby, she is showing you that she trusts you and feels comfortable letting her guard down around you.

  1. They bring you little gifts

When your cat brings you a dead rodent, cockroach or bird, don’t scream “yuck!” and shoo him away. Appreciate the gesture – he’s gone out of the way and hunted for a little present especially for you.

  1. They nibble on your skin

When a cat lightly nibbles on your skin, it isn’t a sign that she is hungry or wants to take a bite of you. According to WebMD, this behaviour actually shows that she feels comfortable enough to play with you. So, even if it tickles, try not to reject her – she’s just showing affection.

  1. They follow you everywhere

You may find him at the foot of your bed, tangled between your feet as you walk, parked on your keyboard as you’re trying to type, or even trailing into the bathroom when you’re about to shower. Either way, if your cat is following you around, it’s because he wants to hang out and spend time with you.

  1. They ‘head-bunt’ you with their face

When your cat bumps you with her face, it means she sees you as a close family member. When she does this, the scent glands between the eyes and below the ears are activated, releasing a loving dose of pheromones. Feel honoured, she wants you to smell like her and has just graced you with the gift of her scent. Return the favour by head bunting back, or a playful scratch under the chin.

  1. They groom you

Cats spend a long time grooming themselves; sometimes up to fifty per cent of their waking day. It comforts them, keeping their skin clean and healthy. According to PetMD, when your cat licks you, he gets the same feeling of affection that you get from petting or stroking him. You can return the favour with a gentle stroke on the neck.

  1. You can see it in their eyes

Cats rarely give direct eye contact to strangers or people they don’t trust. If your cat is not afraid to look deeply into your eyes, it’s a sign that she knows and trusts you. And, according to cat experts, if your cat looks to you and slowly blinks, she’s giving you a “kitten kiss,” the ultimate show of love and affection. You can return the gesture by slowly blinking back.

  1. They meow at you

Cats don’t meow at each other, so when they do meow at a person, they’re using a special form of communication reserved for their human family. In this case, you can reply by meowing back or speaking in human… It’s up to you.

  1. They knead you like dough
    Kittens knead their mothers to increase milk supply when breast-feeding. So, if your cat gently sinks his claws into you, it could actually be a sign that he loves you like a parent and even needs you, according to vets.
  1. They purr deeply

Nothing compares to the velvety sound of your cat purring as you stroke or pet her. Needless to say, this is a sure sign that she is happy, comfortable being around you and is blissfully enjoying your affection.

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